Vojvođanska banka

Vojvođanska banka

We cooperated with Vojvodjanska banka to adapt and equip business premises in the administrative building in the center of Novi Sad.

The project involved nearly 2000 sqm of commercial office space. We also installed a new AV, upgraded the MEP system, and added a new commercial-grade kitchen, along with a UPS-supported trading floor.

Part of the space consists of client meeting rooms with high-end video conferencing, along with open administration spaces. The goal was to create a larger meeting space thanks to the new folding walls.

The reception ceiling is a mix of Barrisol boards, fabric and wood panels. We coordinated them to fulfill the architectural concept while maintaining clear access to services. The main part of the space contains the main trading area, support services and welfare services, as well as the main meeting room supported by UPS. The trading area is fully supported by UPS to eliminate the risk of business disruption.

Vojvodjanska banka - Administrative building, adaptation of business premises

Novi Sad

Banking and Finance

1980 m2

Adaptation period

Duration of adaptation
60 days